Re-igniting Organizational Creativity: The Tango as Metaphor

Ongoing Commitment to Skill and Technique

In the intricate partner dance of tango, dancers start by building a vocabulary of steps and creating small combinations.  Then it is practice, study, refine, and practice for hours, days, months, and years on end.  With each practice, each dancer gains a deeper understanding about how best to articulate the body while in motion, wordlessly communicate movement ideas to their partner, and explore different expressions of energy to convey meaning.  As skill and technique become more refined, steps have greater strength, shape, and definition.  The dance takes on an effortless quality.  The dancers appear to move as one, gliding around the dance floor.

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Re-Igniting Organizational Creativity: The Tango as Metaphor

A Series on Organizational Change

I am a learning and development specialist and have worked with many different types and sizes of organizations during the last 20 years.  Somewhere along the line, all of them have experienced mission drift, entrenched business practices, inadequate resource allocation, and/or archaic management structures.  As a planner, I have found that using metaphors is a very effective way to begin discussions on solutioning specific obstacles.

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